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5th-Apr-2014 08:05 am - Been Gone a While
Dear Livejournal
So I know I've been gone for a really long time and I'm sorry about that.  My life sort of spiraled out of control.  Got kicked out of my house in Portland because my ex's new girlfriend moved in and she hated me.  Moved in with my aunt and uncle who then kicked me out because I was eating in my room (no seriously, that was their reason).  Moved to Kentucky and that didn't work out.  Now I'm living in Hawaii with my new boyfriend who is stationed out here in the army.  So live has been weird.

But I'm coming out of my semi-retirement so that I can sign up for this year's Dean/Cas Big Bang.  I'm going to reboot a previous fic that I wrote and come at it from a different angle/time period.
20th-Oct-2013 04:48 pm(no subject)
Dear Livejournal
I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot lately.  My life is extremely busy and I've been in a very deep state of depression for several months now.  I apologize.
30th-Sep-2013 11:18 am(no subject)
Dear Livejournal
So I had a job for about 5 months and I just got fired.  And I have enough money to get through the first two weeks of the month and then I'm screwed.  I'm taking prompts again and straight out donations.  I will also take loans.  I will do anything.  I'm so screwed right now.

24th-Aug-2013 04:22 pm(no subject)
Dear Livejournal
My life has been super hectic lately.  I got kicked out of my home in Portland.  Spent the summer couch surfing.  Went to comic con.  Participating in GISHWHES (and lost a great friend to GISHWHES drama).  Now I'm living in Kentucky.  It's hard for me to formulate words on the whole ordeal.  It's been one of the toughest periods of my life and that says a lot because I've been through a shit ton of stuff already.

Time to keep calm and carry on I suppose.
Dear Livejournal

i have my comic con countdown all queued up on tumblr, but i'll post here too cuz I AM EXCITED

i haven't been here in a while, but i'm really REALLY into hannibal right now and i have a hannigram fanfiction happening over at my ao3 account

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21st-Jun-2013 04:52 pm(no subject)
Dear Livejournal
Also guys I wrote Hannibal fanfiction over here.
21st-Jun-2013 04:34 pm(no subject)
Dear Livejournal
I'm going to be moving in with a friend in San Diego for a couple of weeks before I move to Kentucky.  I'm being kicked out of my uncle's house because I eat in my room and was in possession of a bottle of rum. Now the rum I can understand to an extent because he's a "Christina household" and doesn't want drunkeness under his roof (when I drink I usually do it at night when he's asleep and it's like a shot or two in a coke on a Thursday night while I watch Hannibal).  The food, though, is what really pissed him off.  I went downstairs to get coffee in the morning and he followed me upstairs and forced me to open my door.  I was shaking and crying.  We talked for two hours about how that wasn't the most appropriate way to handle the situation, but he still wants me out.

So basically....  I'm on the road again!  I'll be living in San Diego for like two weeks, then I'll be at comic con, then KENTUCKY
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